Other Details

  1. All youth whose applications are approved by the Government will receive the message on the Alternate mobile number provided on the form to come and collect their SIM at any GYSY Retailer Outlet. In case if applicant does not receive the message then they can check the status of application in track status to print the confirmation receipt and submit the same at the Retailer Outlet covered under GYSY to collect the FREE SIM card.

  2. The application duly filled and complete in all respect, received, shall be scrutinized and sanctioned by the Government of Goa, in the order in which application is received.

  3. The services under this scheme are non transferrable.

  4. The abusive/offensive/unlawful usage of the plan under this scheme will be liable for discontinuation of the scheme benefits.

  5. The services under this scheme are limited to the Goa and Maharashtra Circle (Excluding Mumbai).

Cancellation of Benefits towards the scheme

The benefits under this scheme can be cancelled/deactivated either on request of the applicant or if the beneficiary crosses 30 year age mark or if the beneficiary is identified in making unlawful/abusive/offensive usage of the services.